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    2019 China semiconductor Materials Innovation and Development Conference held successfully


    China's semiconductor materials and components development will be open for registration in 2018!

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    Member news

    2019 China semiconductor Materials Innovation and Development Conference held successfully
    2019 China semiconductor Materials Innovation and Development Conference held successfully
    "China Materials Conference 2019" Advanced Microelectronics and Optoelectronic Materials Sub-Meeting was Successfully Held
    The First Meeting of the ICMtia Electronic Gas Workshop was Successfully Held in Shanghai
    Supplier Quality Management Training from Integrated Circuit Materials Industry Technology Innovation Alliance was held in Wuhan

    Industry Reports

    2015 silicon substrate material industry data statistics report
    Introduction to Global Photoresist Patent Analysis Report (4)

    expert's point

    Shi Ying: China's semiconductor manufacturing materials industry has developed into a fast lane
    Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, with the integration of semiconductor enterprises and market economy, the technological development in the fields of integrated
    Ye Tianchun: The development of integrated circuits in the 13th Five-Year Plan should pay attention to five issues
    During the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, China's integrated circuits will face a new industrial situation. Under the new situation, the development of China's integrated circuits should be noted


    Notice on holding the ICMtia-PALL joint technology seminar
    Notice of the Three Departments on the Pilot Work of Applying the Insurance Compensation Mechanism for the First Batch of Key Ne
    Enlightenment from the recruitment of technology innovation strategic alliance in integrated circuit materials industry
    Enlightenment from the recruitment of integrated circuit materials and components alliance (Ningbo) Industry Promotion Center
    Publicizing the "Guidelines for the First Batch Application of Key New Materials (2017 Edition)"
    2017 China Flattening Technology Conference & Cross-Strait Flattening Technology Forum (May 21-23, 2017) Notice of Meeting (Thir

    Industry information

    China IC Materials Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance was established
    KFMI: Adding bricks and tiles to China's material industrialization
    The 718th research institute of CSIC (PERIC) : For the industry, the industry is the first
    Anji Microelectronics: Innovation lays the foundation of the company and promotes the development of the company
    Shanghai Sinyang: The road to independent innovation
    Professor Wang Zhengping, the father of modern semiconductor plastic packaging, was elected as a foreign academician of the Chin